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Beginner Motorcycle Classes

These classes are designed for soon-to-be riders and existing riders who want to refresh their minds and bodies on operating and controlling a motorcycle safely. Both Basic Rider Courses (BRC1 and BRC2) will qualify participants to get a motorcycle endorsement (license). Find the class that will be ideal for your skill level and needs.

Beginner Classes: Our Programs
Modern Motorcycle


Beginner Classes: Apply Now


This 3-hour class is designed for the eager never-ever rider that is completely new to motorcycle riding. We focus on bike familiarization, starting, stopping, turning, and shifting. This is a great pre-course for students who want to take beginner MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) classes (BRC1, Scooter class) or off-road classes.


  • Prerequisite: You must know how to ride a bicycle before taking this class.

  • This class is only offered on weekdays M-F 

  • Class can start anytime between 8:00 am-2:00 pm

  • Class size: 1-4 riders 

(Sign-up to schedule a preferred date and time that will work for you, or Email or text 720-807-7767 to schedule a date and time that will work for you)


Cost: $199

What to Bring:

-Helmet, long pants, long sleeves, boots or sturdy over-the-ankle shoes, gloves, and some form of eye protection are required(sunglasses, safety glasses, prescription glasses).
-We can provide the bike and helmet if needed.


Training Location: 

ImI Motorsports Complex, 5074 Summit Blvd, Dacono, CO 80514

Motorcycle Wheel

Basic Rider Course 1

Beginner Classes: Apply Now

Basic Rider Course 1


Overview: Which Class is Best for you?


Overview of the BRC1:

  • 2-day course that is from 8:00 am-4:30 pm on both days

  • Qualifies participants for a Colorado Motorcycle endorsement (license)

  • Bikes and helmets will be provided (free of charge)

  • Costs: $325

  • 5-hour online eCourse, 2 hours of in-class discussion, 10 hours of on-bike riding exercises

  • Prerequisite 1: You must know how to ride a bicycle before taking this class

  • Prerequisite 2: You must be at least 15 years old and have a valid driver's license


More information on the BRC1:

The Basic RiderCourse 1 is a two-day course that combines an online 5-hour eCourse, approximately 2 hours of classroom discussion, and 10 hours of on-bike riding exercises. The experience provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required for entry-level riders who are 15 years old and older. Successful completion of the course qualifies participants for a Colorado motorcycle license. It is also a good course for riders who have been off their bikes for an extended time and need a motorcycle license.


In the eCourse and classroom, you will learn about the different types of motorcycles, the layout and operation of the basic controls, proper riding gear, and bring to light effective thinking strategies to become an aware and responsible rider. We will also discuss various topics, including situational awareness, risk reduction, traffic “traps,” driving tendencies, perception, visual acuity, and reaction time.


You will then move to the riding range. Your MSF-certified RiderCoach will help guide you through 14 riding exercises that slowly uncover the basic skills of straight-line riding, stopping, shifting, and turning, gradually progressing to swerving and emergency braking. 


*Before riding participation, you must complete the free online eCourse, which will help you get ready for riding a motorcycle. This eCourse typically takes five hours to complete and can be done conveniently on your phone or computer at any time. You must bring a printed copy of your eCourse completion certificate before class.  And you need to complete the eCourse no more than 30 days before your class.


*If you have completed an eCourse more than 30 days before the class start date, unfortunately, you will have to re-take the eCourse.   


If all classes are full, email, or text 720-807-7767 to get notified when the next class dates are available. 

Cost: $325

IMPORTANT SIGNUP NOTE TO SECURE YOUR SPOT: Make sure to click on "Click HERE to finish registration!" to register on MSF's (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) page after you pay. If you have any questions email, or text/call 720-807-7767.



What to Bring:

-You will be required to wear a helmet(DOT approved), over-the-ankle boots(no canvas), long pants(sturdy pants, no yoga pants), long sleeves(that cover your wrists), gloves(full-fingered), and eye protection(sunglasses, safety glasses, or face shield); this is not optional! 

-Please bring a lunch on both days and plenty of water to drink. 

-We have a refrigerator and microwave for your use.



-Bikes and helmets will be provided.

-Most insurance companies will offer a discount for completing this course!

– Participants will also receive discounts at NUMEROUS motorcycle stores at the end of class! 



-BRC1 is a 2-day class

-Class is from 8:00 am-4:30 pm on both days

-Click the signup button for upcoming dates and to register.

Training Location: 

ImI Motorsports Complex, 5074 Summit Blvd, Dacono, CO 80514

*Disclaimer: The Basic Rider Course 1 curriculum is for beginning riders, and most walk out of the class with a motorcycle endorsement, the skills, and proper mindset ready for the roads. However, there is no guarantee that you will pass the course on your first attempt. Chain Reaction/Ricky Orlando Motorcycle School understands that riding a motorcycle safely and adequately is not a natural skill. Some students need more seat time to pass the riding evaluation and develop safe riding habits, which is totally okay. We understand that everyone learns differently, and sometimes it takes more time on the bike than one class to gain the skills to stay safe on the roadways. We have seen and learned different training styles, and we truly believe that the MSF Basic RiderCourse is the best way to learn the ropes of riding a motorcycle. No matter the outcome, we will work with you as long as it takes to achieve your goals and dreams!


Refund Policy: Chain Reaction/Ricky Orlando MC School will offer partial refunds if the participant(s) notify 720-807-7767 or no later than 5 days (120 hours) before the class start time. Due to transaction expenses, there will be a $25 charge for any refund. There will be no refunds issued for participants that do not notify the Chain Reaction/ Ricky Orlando MC School or notify later than 5 days (120 hours) before the class start time.

*All class participants are required to complete an MSF Rider Waiver and a COVID 19 Release Waiver before participating in the class. Please click on the links below to open, complete, and print:

 MSF Rider + COVID Liability Waiver

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